The Dramatic Notes That Have People Thinking an Internet Couple Broke Up

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We’re not going to say Matthew Espinosa and his model girlfriend Jessica Serfaty are 100 percent broken up, but their respective tweets are definitely interesting, to say the least.

The 25- and 19-year-old only started dating about five months ago, but fans have been wary that there’s trouble in paradise ever since the Viner tweeted, “I never should have trusted you.” While the teen deleted that particular tweet, he did post other notes about life being unfair and getting treated poorly by someone he loves “endlessly.”

A few hours after Matt’s rant, Jessica posted her own notes about “being let down” on social media.

Needless to say, fans of the couple are pretty convinced that SOMETHING is happening between the couple (and you know what happened the last time people had suspicions about an Internet pair).

We guess only time will tell…
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