Vine Star Heartbroken After 14-Year-Old Friend Loses Battle With Cancer

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Losing a friend is always tough to deal with, but perhaps nothing is more heartbreaking than the death of a young person. Unfortunately, Vine star Matthew Espinosa now knows firsthand just how devastating it is to lose someone close; the 18 year old’s fan-turned-friend Reese Meadow Johnson has unfortunately passed away. The 14-year-old girl bravely battled cancer for two years before succumbing to the illness on Sunday.

Matt and Reese first met when the Make-A-Wish Foundation helped her achieve her dream of hanging out with her idol. When the Viner got word that his friend had died, he expressed his heartbreak on social media.

We can feel his pain through our computer screen. After expressing his real-time devastation on Twitter, Matt then used Instagram to post a lengthy memorial to the girl who was gone far too soon.

I remember hearing about you, I remember them telling me you were very sick but the one thing you wanted was to meet me, I remember flying all the way to New York to meet you. I remember going to dinner with you and your parents, then getting stuck on that one level on that one arcade game and us laughing about it, I remember how you told me you looked up to me. And I remember the feeling it gave me when I heard that. And Now has Heaven received one of the best and strongest Angels I know. I can't believe you're gone. My hands have been non-stop shaking typing this and I can't stop crying thinking about you. I love you so much Reese. I'll see you again someday. And I will always remember the impact you put on my life because it will be with me til the day I see you again. Rest in peace beautiful soul.

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As with any grieving process, Matt goes in and out of being happy on social media and suddenly becoming sad and missing his pal.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Matthew and all of Reese’s family and friends at this difficult time.

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