Must-Watch Vid: Will Smith’s Amazing ’90s Rap Songs Are Back in a Major Way

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Before Will Smith was the father of Jaden and Willow and the uh, pseudo father of Justin Bieber, he was an amazing rapper. And for those of you who were just itty bitty fetuses in the 90’s, trust us. He was real good. And if you wanna hear some old-school Will without digging through your big sister’s old CDs or watching Fresh Prince on Nick @ Nite, you’ll definitely want to watch this vid. A random dorky white dude Matt Mulholland did a fab acapella rendition of Will’s best songs — Men in Black and Big Willie Style to name a few — and we can’t stop watching.

Click and prepare to become obsessed!

Was that awesome or what?! Do you wish Will Smith would quit making movies and make more music? Tell us in the comments!