Matt Lanter Is Donating His Genes Uh, We Mean Jeans

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A total hottie who also gives back? It doesn’t get much better than that, ladies. Matt Lanter, aka Liam from 90210, let some very lucky fans into his jeans this weekend and uh, let’s just say we’re green with envy over those lucky ladies.

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Matt stopped by an Aeropostale store in California over the weekend for Dosomething.org’s “Teens For Jeans” initiative, for which Matt and his co-star Jessica Lowndes are the spokespeople.

No, he didn’t take his pants off (shucks!), but Matt did encourage teens to take theirs off donate a pair of their old jeans to homeless kids. And we’re thinking he donated a few pairs, too.

Click through the gallery below to check out the hot pics of Matt, and watch this adorbs vid below, full of outtakes from Matt and Jessica’s “Teens For Jeans” shoot, plus deets on how you can get involved!

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