How Did Hellcats Hottie Matt Barr Burn His Thanksgiving Cals?

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Last week, we showed you pics of Matt Barr just tossing around a football half-nekkid. We were drooling then, but our tongues just hit the floor when we saw these photos of the Hellcats hottie burning off his big Thanksgiving Day meal.

Don’t miss the smokin’ hot pics and our exclusive interview with Matt to find out how he stays in such purrrfect shape.

Teen: Last week, you were named our Hottie of The Week. How does that make you feel?

Matt Barr: That’s a lot of pressure. I feel like people are going to see me in real life and they’re going to be let down. But all my boys back home would get a kick out of it. I’m going to get razzed for the whole week (laughs)!

T: What did you do for Thanksgiving?

MB: I did a triathalon, believe it or not! It’s something my dad and I have done for years. We do a triathlon in the morning and then a turkey dinner at some restaurant at night.

T: What are your family’s rituals for that day?

MB: My family’s from Texas, so we love Tex-Mex. We’ll have our chili con queso and watch the Dallas Cowboys against whoever they’re playing. I have a younger brother and sister, and they’re really competitive too, so there’s always some type of competition involved, whether it’s playing ping pong or a game of touch football.

T: You’re in awesome shape. Are you big on keeping up your appearance?

MB: I’m really low maintenance when it comes to my clothes and what I wear. I definitely take care of my body, not so much for how I look, but I just like the feel of exercising, and being healthy, and having energy. That’s why I workout all the time.

T: What kind of workouts do you do?

MB: Food is a huge passion of mine, and because I want to eat whatever I want, I run every morning, and then I do weights a few times a week. It’s just how I can balance eating pancakes in the morning, a big burger for lunch, and then a fat steak and cheesecake at night.

Yummm, and we’re not just referring to the food! So, are you loving TV’s hottest new face (and body) as much as we are? Which workout would you want to do with Matt? Sound off below!