Matisyahu Proves (Chanukah) Miracles Really Do Come True!

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Ah! It’s a miracle! No, not that Chanukah came super early this year (it starts tonight, fellow Jewsies), but it’s a miracle that there’s finally a good Chanukah song to hit the airwaves! The chosen peeps kinda get the short end of the stick this time of year, when Christmas songs, egg nog and sparkly reindeer are pretty much everywhere you look, so it’s refreshing to hear a good Chanukah song celebrating those 8 crazy nights!

Not since Adam Sandler’s “The Chanukah Song” have we heard a good tune celebrating the Festival of Lights, until now — Matisyahu‘s latest is definitely one for the history books! Watch as the Orthodox rapper ice skates and frolics with Santas in the hilariously cool, brand new vid…