This Nickelodeon Star Divorce Battle is Getting Nasty Real Quick

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Gone are the good ol’ days of Romeo!, the Nickelodeon series starring Romeo Miller (a.k.a. Lil Romeo) and his dad, Percy Miller (a.k.a. Master P), that lasted from 2003-2006 — the Miller family is currently going through a divorce battle, and shiz is getting nasty real quick.

In November 2015, Master P’s wife, Sonya Miller, reportedly accused the rapper of verbal and physical abuse, as well as the reason why her kids turned against her. TMZ reported, “Miller claims P has “brainwashed” their kids to go against her and used his money and power to wield influence over them. She also describes an incident from “long ago” where Master P allegedly hit her in the face and dragged her across the floor. She says she ended up in the hospital.”

Months later, the former couple is still duking it out — except, this time, it’s Master P who’s calling out his ex’s actions. TMZ is reporting that Sonya’s freeloading off her famed husband — he’s allegedly paying her landlord off — and that she has a potential new job… taking off her clothes. Master P was quoted, saying, “My ex needs help, she told the kids she want to be a stripper.”

Considering all the kids the couple has between them, including 26-year-old Romeo and 19-year-old How to Rock actress Cymphonique, we can only hope the drama dies down.

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