10 Mascara Hacks, Tips and Tricks That’ll Make Your Eyelashes Thick AF

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Mascara is one of those beauty products that can COMPLETELY change your face… when you apply it correctly, that is.

While coating your eyelashes with what is essentially black good may seem pretty easy in theory, sometimes people can get a bit confused and end up with smudges all over their cheeks, clumps that make their eyes look surrounded by spider legs, etc. So, if you desperately want you lashes to look thick without wearing falsies or causing a big mess on your eyeballs, but aren’t quite sure how to do that, you’re in luck; the following hacks will help you achieve the volume you desire while still looking like a normal human!

1. Coating your lashes with translucent powder BEFORE applying mascara gives them an added layer of volume:

2. You can also do the same thing with baby powder:

3. Mastering your mascara-application technique is a fool-proof way to make your eyelashes look as thick as possible:

4. Everyone knows to coat the FRONT of their lashes, but did you know you’re supposed to apply mascara on the back, too?

5. Don’t forget to give your bottom lashes some love!

6. Buying the right type of mascara will make all the difference when trying to get voluminous lashes. Check out this guide to help you choose the wand for you:

7. Who says you can only use one mascara? Sometimes, mixing two together will give you the oomph you’re craving:

8. A simply flick of your wrist while applying mascara can make all the difference:

9. While you need a few clumps in your mascara to make your lashes thick, no one wants to be a clumpy mess. Instead of tossing your old tube, run it under hot water to salvage it for a few more weeks:

10. While mascara is great and all, making your lashes thicker NATURALLY is the best option to really make your eyes pop:

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