Congratulations!! A YouTube Gamer and His Bae Are Expecting a Baby

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The holiday season just got a little more exciting for one YouTube gaming couple. Kenneth Morrison, better known as CinnamonToastKen on YT, and his wife Mary Thompson, A.K.A. Supermaryface, just announced that they’re expecting a baby!

The couple revealed that Mary is almost 20 weeks pregnant with a little girl who’s due in May 2017. The 27-year-old cosplay artist showed off her baby bump on Instagram along with the caption, “19 weeks and 3 days. That’s around 4.5 months for those counting in months instead (it’ll be 5 months at 22 weeks). Good morning!”

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The YouTubers were beaming with joy in their announcement video, also telling subscribers that the baby girl’s name starts with the letter ‘L.’

While this news is obviously super exciting, it’s also bittersweet for the pair. You see, Mary had two miscarriages in the year before this pregnancy, so she wanted to make it to the halfway point before she publicly spoke about expecting.

“Thank you to everyone who’s helped me through this so far, especially my wisest and eldest sister, my fantastic doctor, and most of all thank you to Ken. You’re going to be an awesome Dad and I can’t wait to stay up all night changing nappies with you,” the Australian girl said.

We are so excited for Mary and Ken and can’t wait to meet little baby ‘L!!!’

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