Mary-Kate and Ashley May Be Small, But They Think “Huge”

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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard much about the most famous twins on Earth (sorry Sprouse Brothers), but the girls aren’t just sitting back, enjoying their Full House millions.

Mary-Kate and Ashley may have “had to share the height,” but their small stature doesn’t stop them from aiming high. Mary-Kate recently told Vogue, “The thing about us is we think big. Huge.”

Just how huge?

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Ashley on their Walmart fashion line: “…Dualstar started when we were six. And we had a collection with Walmart at twelve, which was the upper tier of the tween market. It was before celebrity designers.”

Ashley on their now-classic movies: “I am so proud of what we did. We made kids smile every day. But we had done the most we could do.”

Mary-Kate on being the most fashionable twins ever: “It was so fun because it was all about clothing and hairstyles. We had to change twelve times every episode. There would be five or six racks of clothes there, and they cut them down to fit us—even Chanel.”

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