The Olsen Twins Want To Sell You Clothes

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It’s hard to remember Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as actresses because they’re such entrepreneurs (and by that we mean enterprising billionaires) these days. From fancy department store collections to cheap chic clothes, the twins are already major names in the fashion biz — but they’re soon going to dominate it.

Their latest venture is kinda like a book of the month club, but fifty times cooler and a hundred times more stylish…

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Mary-Kate told Women’s Wear Daily, “With, Ashley and I have created an online experience reflecting our love of style and allowing us to engage with our customers directly, which is an inspiring new way for us to think and create as designers.”

The website will be similar to Kate Bosworth’s jewelry-of-the-month club, MK&A will design the collection — kicking off with a line of T-shirts priced less than $30 — and film web videos to promote the line.

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