20 Marvel Movies, Ranked by Box-Office Success Before Black Panther Premieres

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The Marvel Comics Universe has some very dedicated fans, and with the MCU’s latest film, Black Panther, set for release this weekend, we felt that there’s no better time than now to rank the Marvel films based on their success at the box office thus far.

According to box office analysts, Black Panther could very well break records this weekend, with many Marvel fans around the world not-so-patiently awaiting its arrival. Don’t believe it? Vanity Fair said, “Panther is on track to earn as much as $165-$170 million in its opening weekend, picking up bonus sales thanks to the President’s Day holiday.” TBH, it hasn’t even come out yet and we are already slain.

One thing we aren’t yet sure about, though, is how it will measure up to earlier MCU films in terms of gross sales. But, just so we have an idea going into opening weekend, check out the top 20 highest grossing Marvel movies PRE-Black Panther: