The Her Universe x Marvel Avengers Eyeshadow is Galactic AF

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Good news, Marvel fans! There’s a new Her Universe x Marvel Avengers: Infinity War eyeshadow palette that you’re definitely going to be obsessed with, and it’s available at Hot Topic right now!

Like you, fans of the Avengers series can’t wait for the latest installment of the franchise, which hits theaters on April 23rd. In preparation, though, Hot Topic is honoring the upcoming film with this amazing new collection of eyeshadows, inspired by all six infinity stones, and we absolutely LOVE them! Take a look:

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Eyeshadow

Marvel/Hot Topic

Aren’t they cool?! The palette includes 12 unique colors, with names that are obviously on-theme with the film. The six in the center are meant to be the Infinity Stones: “Infinity,” “Space,” “Tesseract,” “Mind,” “Time,” “Power,” and “Soul.” We’re SHOOK!

If you’re a longtime Avengers fan, you probably already know that the stones each contain god-like powers, and judging on the colors included in the palette, it’s safe to say that the makeup holds some magical powers, too! The best news? The product’s description says that the palette, which is full of “earthly neutrals” will look great with all skin tones and will “deliver lasting pigment.” TBH, what more can you really ask for?

As amazing as the eyeshadow palette is, we have to admit that the coolest thing about it is that it was created in collaboration with Her Universe, which is a company that was founded by Ashley Eckstein, the actress that voiced the character of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. According to Bustle, Ashley created the company because knew “that women are often times elbowed out of the sci-fi fandom realm.” So true!

Not only is the palette absolutely fabulous, but you can feel great about wearing it knowing that you’re supporting a company that’s committed to acknowledging that women are into superhero movies, too. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest Hot Topic now and get your hands on this unique collection of vibrant, galactic shades!