6 Married Male YouTube Stars Who Were Caught Cheating on Their Wives

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You know what they say, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” But while this statement may prove true, that doesn’t mean all people choose to acknowledge it. After we found out that Shay Carl was caught cheating on his wife of 14 years with an adult webcam performer, we couldn’t help but think of all the YouTube-star cheating scandals of the past. While most happened between those who were simply dating, a handful occurred in an actual marriage.

We’re not saying cheating is ever okay, but breaking the supposed lifelong vow made before god, family, friends, etc., takes the disgust to a whole new level. And you know what’s probably even more disturbing? Most of the YouTube couples on the below list actually stayed together despite the fact that the husband admitted to cheating. To each their own, we guess, but it’s important to remember that respect is a precious thing.