Nude Picture of Musical.ly Star Gets Leaked… by a Fellow Muser!

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Celebrities’ lack of privacy is something that a major issue in Hollywood, so when NSFW pictures of a star hit the Internet they usually come at the hands of a skilled hacker. In the musical.ly community, however, it seems that leaks usually happen as a result of internal drama.

A few weeks ago, Muser Kevin Bojorquez leaked two videos of fellow lip-syncher Tyler Brown smoking marijuana, all because his former friend blocked him on social media without an explanation. The 17-year-old had the tables turned last night, however, when Mark Thomas (duhitzmark on the app) got involved with some Twitter drama by — wait for it — leaking a naked picture of Kevin.

The older boy apparently leaked fellow Muser Nicole Anderson‘s private Instagram account, and the 15-year-old was defending his friend.

Mark deleted the tweet, which showed Kevin standing in front of a bathroom mirror without any clothes on, but didn’t remove all the shade from his page.


Kevin isn’t the only social media sensation to have his nudes leaked — naked pics of these YouTubers also appeared online: