One Tree Hill Stars Support Writer After She Accuses Creator of Sexual Abuse

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#BurnItDownSis! The leading ladies of One Tree HillSophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton, Kate Voegele & Shantel VanSanten — are coming forward to support one-time OTH writer Audrey Wauchope, and her writing partner, Rachel Specter, after claims that the CW series’ creator, Mark Schwahn, sexually abused the pair.

Following the news that the executive producer of Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Andrew Kreisberg, was suspended by Warner Bros. TV Group following numerous allegations of sexual harassment, Audrey Wauchope felt it was time to take her own story public.

“In light of the Andrew Kreisberg reporting,” she began, “a couple thoughts about my first writing job that I’ve wanted to say for years but have never had the guts to. When I was 29 my writing partner @RachelSpecter and I were hired as staff writers… To say we were excited was an understatement. To say we left that job demoralized and confused is also an understatement. One of the 1st things we were told was that the showrunner hired female writers on the basis of their looks. That’s why you’re here — he wants to f*ck you.”

“Rachel had been actress previous to writing and was told that he used to talk about her in the room before we were hired,” she continued. “So that’s a safe room to enter as staff writers. Imagine what that does to ones psyche… Imagine feeling for the rest of your career that you’re possibly an imposter — that maybe just maybe you’re only here because you’re a body, not a mind. It creeps into your thoughts and keeps you up at night and makes you wonder.”

The thread continues for a long while before Audrey stated, “He’s a man in a position of power who was allowed to run a television show for years where this behavior continuously went on. I don’t blame the men on that staff — I truly believe they were also in a way victims of psychological abuse and didn’t know what to do.”

So far, Mark has yet to issue a response… but you can bet that the actresses from the drama did:

Now that fans are aware of what went down behind the scenes, they’re dissecting old videos and are starting to see them in an entirely different light: