This is the Worst Thing That Could Happen After New Mark Salling Scandal

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It’s only been a day or so since the latest Mark Salling scandal broke — you know, the one in which a 22-year-old woman accused him of raping her 4 years ago… when she was 18 — but already the worst thing that could ever happen in the aftermath has already happened: the 34-year-old is skating free on the alleged sexual assault.

According to People, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office declined to file charges against the Glee alum, reportedly due to insufficient evidence. “I personally interviewed the victim,” said Deputy District Attorney Emily Spear. “She appeared very emotional over the trauma inflicted upon her and presents as a credible and accurate historian of the events surrounding the rape. However, given the delay in reporting the crime, suspect’s apparent denial of the rape in victim’s pretext call to him and lack of other corroboration, there is insufficient evidence, at this time, to file this case.”

She added, “I explained the standards and ethics of filing a case to the victim and she appeared to understand. I also explained that if more evidence is discovered in the future, that the case may be reopened and presented again for filing.”

So, that’s it — no investigation… for this case, anyway. There’s still the case surrounding Mark’s arrest for child pornography. Still waiting for more details on that front.
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