Mark Salling Has A “Type” (And Her Name is Santana)

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Mark Salling talks to us about wooing women with music, having a “type,” and dating Glee girls. Oh, and he gives us the deets on his upcoming album, too!

What are your go-to songs for wooing a girl?
Mark Salling: I don’t usually try to rely on songs to woo a girl, but I think Coldplay can get a girl in the mood… or make her cry, one or the other. I used to play in cover bands, we sure did our fair share of Coldplay. I like Viva La Vida.

What can a girl do to get your attention?
Mark Salling: She can be my type.

Which is…?
Mark Salling: I usually go for the ethnic ladies. That’s kinda my preference, but I don’t discriminate.

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In real life, which character on Glee would you date?
Mark Salling: I would say Santana.

One of your songs is called Musical Soulmate. So far, who’s been your favorite duet partner?
Mark Salling: I liked Amber… yes, ma’am.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
Mark Salling: I’d like to do something with Thom Yorke of Radiohead. I mean, a boy can dream. Personally, or on the show. It’d be a great episode.

What would be your dream song to cover?
Mark Salling: It changes day to day. I usually just want to do an artist, like a Radiohead episode or an Alice and Chains episode. Every day I hear a song and I think, “This would be great to cover on Glee.” I like Led Zeppelin, of course, and Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains.

Were you a badass in high school like Puck?
Mark Salling: [laughs] No, I was really kind of a hippie. And I was really skinny.

What’s up with Puck and Quinn?
Mark Salling: He’s kind of a lone wolf. I think she’s had enough of him, and there’s no more baby to keep them tied together. I think she’s going to be moving on.

What can you tell us about the Rocky Horror episode? Any boy-on-boy kisses?
Mark Salling: [giggles] I don’t think so… They really went all out to make it a lot like the movie.

So Chord’s the new kid. Did the Glee guys initiate him at all?
Mark Salling: We’re still giving him a little bit of a hard time. I just flick his ear everyday and smack him in the head and make him give me water.

Tell us about your upcoming album, Pipe Dreams.

Mark Salling: I wrote it, produced it, and played all the instruments. Some songs are about just being grateful for the blessings that you have when you realize how good you have it, because you think you’re having a bad day and then you see somebody in a wheel chair. Some songs are about how some people die before their body dies. Some songs are about getting desperate for someone to give you a chance. I’m going to attempt to do a small tour in December on my holiday break. No rest for the weary.

What do you think of Mark? Are you Team Puck?