Gay YouTubers Mark Miller & Ethan Hethcote Break Up After 5 Years

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Mark Miller and Ethan Hethcote made headlines back in 2014 after they set a Guinness World Record for the most selfies taken in an hour and now they’re back in the news, but this time, it’s for a less-fun reason. The gay YouTube stars announced yesterday that while they had an incredible five years together, they decided to break up.

“We have had a very fast, very fun, very exciting five years,” the 24-year-old explains in a video titled ‘Why we Broke up,’ which was filmed in Ethan’s new apartment. “Our professional lives and our personal lives just got really intertwined. I don’t mean to say that in a bad way, because it’s an awesome thing. I am so grateful for the experiences that we have.”

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Ethan continues, “We just need to reevaluate how we’re doing individually because everything was just so habitually together.”

The exes still live within five minutes of each other and promise that they still love each other very much and are “best friends.”

“It’s not a big deal; we’re not trying to be dramatic about it,” Mark adds. “This is such a positive move for both of us.”

Many fans commented that the 29-year-old seemed more upset than his ex, prompting him to write this note:

“Guys guys guys! people will believe what they want to no matter what you do, but for what it’s worth, please gosh darn just calm yourself!! CHEEEL! We’re both humans, just like you, we cry, we laugh, we bleed. We chose to communicate this to you all hoping it would give you a LITTLE insight to where we are. We shot for 40 minutes, I edited this down to 5. I know I was tearing up… NO SH**, I LOVE that man up there. Crying feels great, give it try sometime. As far as videos, yeh videos still coming. Got a Mexico City video in the works now, pumped to get it out there!! Alright, we cool? GREAT. Has [sic] a good one dudes xo”

Breakups are hard to deal with, even if you don’t actually know the former couple.