The 100 Star Marie Avgeropoulos Arrested for Domestic Violence

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Marie Avgeropoulos, the actress who plays Octavia Blake on The CW’s hit television show The 100, was arrested last week in Los Angeles and booked for felony domestic violence. TMZ reports that the 32-year-old’s boyfriend called police early in the morning on August 5 and claimed that the brunette hit him during an argument.

When authorities arrived, the victim “had marks on his body,” the site’s sources say, and Marie was taken to jail as a result.

The celebrity’s boyfriend was reportedly shocked that cops arrested her and simply thought they would “diffuse the situation” upon arrival, not take her to jail. He apparently “begged cops not to take her away” and posted the $50,000 bond so she could be released.

A source close to Marie allegedly says she was on a new medication and had wine at dinner that evening, which “resulted in a bad reaction” and caused the violent outburst.

The man does not want to press charges over the incident, TMZ reports.