Mariah Carey (and Her Tea) is the First Official Meme of 2018

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Mariah Carey made a triumphant return to Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with a redeeming performance, and, to top it all off, she also became the first official meme of 2018.

Mariah performed in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, as she did last year, but this time the performance went off without a hitch. You may recall that Mariah’s performance last year was more than a little rocky: There were some sound issues, a lot of awkward pauses and one very unhappy Mariah Carey. But the pop diva is no quitter, so she came back this year and was beyond victorious. For 2018, Mimi toned her set down a bit from last year’s army of dancers. She kept things simple with nothing but a fabulous ensemble, her iconic vocals and a mic stand. She belted out her hits, “Vision of Love” and “Hero,” and as far as we could tell, there weren’t any technical difficulties to catch her off guard…

Of course, while Mariah’s performance was flawless, it’s not her singing that had everyone talking. During one moment of her set, Mariah let her full diva come out when she complained that she was told she would be given tea, and thus, the glorious Mariah Carey Tea Meme was born:

When Mariah Carey asks for tea, you give her tea. And to be fair, it was really flippin’ cold out there. But what made this whole situation even more Mariah was when she posted a picture of herself sipping some tea after the show on Instagram with the caption, “Found my tea.” Twitter is now calling it the first meme of 2018 because it is making the rounds all over the internet with some seriously hilarious captions: