The YouTube Couple You Never Thought Would Split Has Broken Up

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Throughout a year of numerous celebrity breakups, we honestly never saw this one coming. YouTube stars Marcus Butler and his longtime girlfriend Niomi Smart have broken up after dating since 2009. Narcus is no more, people.

Marcus made the sad announcement in a video called ‘Whats going on?’ yesterday after weeks of speculation that something was going on between the pair that once lived and filmed together every day. The 24-year-old Youtuber said the reveal was “probably the hardest video [he] ever had to make,” and admitted that he’s been having a tough time lately.

“I’m sure a lot of you are aware, that me and Niomi, over the last month to six weeks, haven’t been spending a lot of time together publicly and also privately. As of right now, Niomi and I, we’re not together. We’ve both found separate places to live. I found mine already and am in my new place and Niomi also found her place and is moving very soon. The last month to two months have been really really tough for both of us.”

Niomi also addressed the sad situation via Twitter. She wrote:

Almost immediately after the former power couple made their shocking announcement, both fans and fellow YouTubers reached out to send their support.

Watch Marcus’ full announcement here:

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