Teen.com March Madness, Round 2! Jersey Shore vs Glee

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You’ve been voting for your fave TV casts in round one of Teen.com March Madness, right?! Good, because now it’s time for the second part of our uber-fun tourney — to find out the winners of round one and pit them head-to-head in round two! This time around, we’ll be pitting the winning reality and scripted shows against each other. So be sure to check back for the next few days and vote, mmkay?

Next up? Two of the best shows on TV (in our humble opinions) go head-to-head…

Jersey Shore just barely beat out Teen Mom 2 and Glee was the clear-cut winner against Shake it Up. But the cast of which addicting TV show that’s also a huge pop culture phenomenon is the best?

Make sure to vote and tell us which cast you picked in the comments, then come back tomorrow to see which shows go head to head next in our tourney!