Brand Makes Sexist Remarks About Manny MUA Because of Negative Review

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YouTube beauty gurus have a LOT of power. One positive review or shout-out can cause products to sell out, websites to crash, etc. On the flip side, however, if a YouTuber says something negative about a brand/item it can cause a huge wave of backlash, both from people who actually love the product and sometimes from the company itself. This kinda of drama happens all the time, but we’ve never seen something like what’s going on between Manny MUA and Lashify at the moment.

The 26-year-old makeup artist tested out the brand’s $125 “luxury DIY lash extensions” and — spoiler alert — he didn’t like ’em. He posted video in which he not only reviewed the lashes, but also did a demo so that people could see how he applied, looked on the eye, etc.

While Manny didn’t like the final result the lashes gave him, he did say that some people might be fans.

“You know, maybe if you guys are into this kind of thing, like, this natural wispy look, maybe you would be down,” he said in the vid. “But for me, I want it to look bold and dramatic if I’m paying $125…These just look plastic-y and not cute.”

Lashify was not happy when the YouTuber’s review was published, as you probably expected, but the events that followed are literally mind-blowing. The brand took to Instagram to bash Manny by saying he only had negative things to say about the product because he’s affiliated with other fake eyelash companies and that “not everyone wants to look like a drag queen.”

But that’s not even the worst part! Founder Sahara Lotti then went live on Insta to show how you’re supposed to apply the lash extensions, which would’ve been a totally valid response…if she didn’t proceed to make horribly sexist comments about how Manny “can have all the makeup he wants, but he’s still a dude.”

“What the f*ck does this even mean?” the YouTuber questioned on Twitter when he saw her comments. “‘Manny you’re still a dude’… so you’re saying I can’t use it cause I’m a dude… okay cool and she’s sexist! I love it! Lashify you’re officially cancelled mamma good luck!”

Did you think the drama ended there? NOPE! A Mannyac direct messaged Lashify to let the company know what Saraha said on IG Live was not okay and this was allegedly the response:

“If he was a woman he would love the natural look.” Um, WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK?!

In addition to fans standing up for Manny, many of his fellow YouTubers, including Patrick Starrr, Samantha Ravndahl and Joey Graceffa, are speaking out against the brand.

Lashify eventually posted an apology, but ended up digging the grave even deeper.