Manny MUA Admits to Self-Medicating for Weeks Following YouTube Drama

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When Manny MUA apologized to former BFFs Gabriel Zamora and Jeffree Star following some serious drama, people called him out for being detached and insincere. The 27-year-old now admits that while he meant every word he said in the apology videos, he was detached from his emotions because he was heavily self-medicating to get through his days.

The YouTube star just admitted that he was actually hospitalized because he had a severe anxiety attack shortly after the YouTube drama went down and, in addition to being given medication to help him come out of the bad mental state he was in, also continued to self-medicate for the weeks that followed.

manny mua self medicating

YouTube (MannyMua733)

“I was medicating from then on, for like a week after,” he explains in his most recent YouTube video, in which he addresses rumors of being a social climber, bad friend, etc. “I couldn’t go back in that state of mind without being medicated at the time. It sounds so bad and I don’t condone self-medicating, but at the time I had no options. I needed to do this or I was gonna go back to the hospital and I didn’t want that to happen to me. My anxiety takes over me.”

After about three weeks of feeling numb and detached, Manny decided it was time to stop using medication and actually tackle his emotions head on.

He continues, “You would rather feel numb and not feel anything than go through this severe amount of pain. And that’s what I was doing for the first two weeks after everything went down. It wasn’t until three weeks after that I needed to feel things and what was going on. I wasn’t detached with what I was saying, but I couldn’t convey it in the way I really wanted to because I was in this state of mind.”

Manny addresses lots of other topics in the 33-minute video, so be sure to check out the whole thing above.