Beauty Guru Manny MUA Returns to YouTube After Month-Long Hiatus

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As many of you know, beauty guru Manny MUA was recently involved in a bitter feud with several of his fellow YouTubers, inlcuding former BFFs Jeffree Star and Gabriel Zamora. As a result of their falling out, Manny went M.I.A. on YouTube for over a month, leaving fans wondering about whether or not he would return and issue an apology to those that he has hurt.

The 27-year-old just posted a video online apologizing for his actions and sharing his plans to move forward, which includes a video series where he will answer questions from fans, no matter how personal and emotional they may be.

“I know it’s easier just for me to say that I’m sorry and that I f*cked up and that I know that,” Manny says in the vid titled ‘Where I’ve Been.’ “That is something I know in my heart that I’ve done, but I wanted to show it as well. Last week I actually flew my editor out to stay with me for a week, and I wanted him to compile a bunch of questions and things that people have been asking me online. Things that I didn’t know were being said about me. Things that I wasn’t aware of. And I wanted him to ask me some of the toughest questions that I’ve tried to avoid my entire career.”

Manny will be answering some of your most personal questions over the course of his next few videos and, from the sound of it, doesn’t seem like he’ll be holding anything — and we mean ANYTHING — back.

Manny explains, “We cover a lot of things. We talk about things from the topic of me being a social climber to some of my failed friendships I’ve had in the past, to where I’ve been and where I plan on going. And I truly felt that I couldn’t move on and move forward with my life and my life online without doing this.”

He continues to say that he knows the video series will seem elaborate to some, but it’s what he feels he absolutely needs to do in order to find the closure he’s so desperately seeking. As for the last month and a half of his life, Manny says he “wanted to disconnect” in order to focus on himself and his mental health, which is something he and his family say he’s been struggling with ever since all of the drama went down.

In a preview for the upcoming videos, we hear Manny say that he was self-medicating as a result of the drama, and his mom even said that he had to go to the hospital because of it. Clearly, his decision on how and when to return to YouTube was not an easy one, but the beauty guru does want fans to get an inside look at his life and how he’s evolved.

“I just want to show you guys a different perspective and a different side of what I’ve been going through personally. I just want you guys to know that there are three sides to every story. There’s your side, there’s someone else’s side, and there’s the truth that’s right in the middle in between both, and I want you guys to come into these next couple of videos with an open heart and open mind… if you still want to not be a supporter of mine I totally understand.”

Towards the end of the video, he also admits that he’s not necessarily a changed person, because he doesn’t believe he can say that after a month and a half. What he did say, though, is that he’s “tried to grow” and he’s “trying his hardest every single day,” and it’s clear that he wants that to resonate with his viewers. Guess we’re going to have to watch his next few videos to see!