This Girl Created a Portrait of Manny MUA on Her Eye and It’s INSANE

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There are tons of super creative people on the Internet, but some of the MOST creative are beauty gurus like PatrickStarrr, Jaclyn Hill and, of course, Manny MUA. It seems that now, however, fans of these viral YouTube stars may be beating them at their own game by trying out some impressive (and bizarre) looks for themselves!

Most recently, we were shocked to see that Manny retweeted a fan named Kristen Jones who — get this — used makeup to create a rather realistic looking portrait of him over her eye. She tweeted out photos that show the whole process and we’ve gotta say… the detail is incredible! Just look:

Although the 27-year-old has yet to comment on the incredible work of art himself, many people have tweeted Kristen about her creation and it seems that they’re just as confused as they are impressed.

NGL, we’re just as shocked, confused and SHOOKETH as they are, but as you probably could’ve guessed, this wasn’t the only time the makeup artist has gotten frighteningly creative with her eye makeup. See?

We know… she’s CRAZY talented (in a strangely amazing way). But, like you, we’ll be waiting patiently for her to start her own YouTube channel so that she can show us how it’s done. What can we say? We’re intrigued!