Manny MUA Apologizes to Gabriel Zamora After Being Called “Toxic”

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Yesterday, perhaps the biggest bombshell in the YouTube beauty community scandal dropped when Gabriel Zamora publicly cut ties with former BFF Manny MUA after calling him a “toxic person.”

He told his viewers, “There’s a certain individual that I do need to cut out of my life because it’s always just been toxic. There’s the same factor in all these negative situations around your life because I’ve had a lot of friends and there’s always these negative things going on and that seems to be the remaining factor…and that’s Manny.”

The 27-year-old uploaded his own video, titled “My reality check,” in response a few hours later and actually apologized to the 25-year-old for being a bad friend.

“First and foremost I want to apologize to [Gabriel], because watching that video, I can see the hurt in his eyes and I understand where he’s coming from 100% and looking back I would change things if I could,” he explains.

Gabby also said there’s a “pattern” to Manny’s actions, which Manny says “really hit hard.” He admits that he does have “bad track records” with his friends, including former bestie and fellow male beauty guru, Patrick Starrr.

“Due to the fact that I’m a terrible communicator and the fact that I am so bad at conveying my emotion to my friends in real life because I want them to be happy, I want them to like me… I would rather push them away than have a confrontation with them. I’m not good at confrontation in the slightest. Patrick was hurt by something I did…and for that I am sorry; I am sorry to Patrick.”

Manny also spoke about the now-infamous photo Gabriel posted of himself, Manny, Laura Lee and Nikita Dragun holding up their middle fingers seemingly to diss Jeffree Star.

gabriel zamora apologizes racist tweet

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Gabriel said in his video that Manny pressured him to fully take the blame for the photo and while Manny still holds true that he didn’t know the shady caption was coming, he admits he’s still partially to blame.

“The reason I haven’t talked about this photo, or apologized for this photo, was because I was being prideful and that’s just the f*cking fact of the matter. I was being prideful and I thought to myself, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong. It was a miscommunication. It was a misunderstanding. Why would I apologize for a miscommunication that I had no part of?’ But looking back at the situation, I did have a part of it. I was involved in it.”

As for his relationship with Jeffree, the Lunar Beauty CEO wishes he could “go back and fix things” with his ex-BFF because they “never had closure.”

“There were things that were mutually done to one another that hurt the other. You know, and the fact that we didn’t communicate that to each other better is truly where I feel our downfall was. It was our lack of communication and we were not able to communicate to each other how we were truly feeling. Jeffree has done so much for me in my life; I would not be where I am today without Jeffree. Jeffree has helped me in insurmountable ways. He truly, truly has.”

Manny will be taking time away from YouTube and social media to “really reflect” on everything. We aren’t sure when he plans to return.