8 Cute Guys This is Us‘ Mandy Moore Has, Quote-Unquote, Dated

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Mandy Moore tends to be so secretive about her personal life that her fictional movie boyfriends come to mind before the hotties she’s actually been in relationships with. Heck, finding her fiancé on her Instagram feed means engaging in some serious scrolling, for crying out loud! But, as curious as we are, we do respect her attempts to keep things under the radar and know she isn’t the only one who works hard to not get too tangled up in the tabloids. She’s not quite as bad as Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, who didn’t announce that they were having a baby until Eva was eight — yes, eight! — months pregnant, or Natalie Portman, who moved to Paris with her hubby, Benjamin Millepied, where the paps aren’t as aggressive. (If you’re wondering who in the world Benjamin Millepied is, we’ve proved our point…)

Although she’s not this extreme, Mandy has always been hush-hush about who she’s with — and it sure doesn’t hurt that she’s been with so many hotties on screen to distract us from finding out who she’s with off. Who can picture her in a pair without remembering the heartbreaking Walk to Remember wedding or thinking of Mandy and her This is Us co-star, Milo Ventimiglia? With all these iconic faux-lationships under her belt, it’s easy to forget that she’s got a love life away from all the cameras.

But man, what a love life she’s had! Since 2000, Mandy has been playing the dating game and was even married (and divorced) somewhere between then and now — more on that later… So in honor of her recent engagement to musician Taylor Goldsmith, we’ve done some digging and rounded up all the guys who make up her past. So come down memory lane with us — we promise it’ll be a walk to remember. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist).