Miley Cyrus’ YouTube Show from Her Hannah Montana Days May Return!

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Long before Miley Cyrus was twerking on Robin Thicke, licking basically everything in her path and making one of the most over-the-top Instagram pages of all time, she was known for a different set of talents: starring on Hannah Montana, dating Nick Jonas and being half of one of the most iconic YouTube shows of its time — the Miley and Mandy Show! Ah, memories…

Although it seems like just yesterday that the now-23-year-old star and her then-bestie Mandy Jiroux were making silly videos from her bedroom, it has actually been eight years. Can you even believe it? We definitely can’t — and neither can Mandy, who we recently got a chance to chat with.

“I can’t believe it’s been eight years,” she told us. “When I look back, I think of how much fun that time in my life was. They will always be the best memories.”

UMMM, same girl! So, is there a possibility that the M&M show will eventually return? According to the dancer, it definitely could happen!

“I haven’t spoken to Miley in a bit, but she will always be like a little sister to me. I think a Miley and Mandy show reunion is possible for sure!”

Our old-school-Disney-loving hearts legit can’t handle it. TAKE US BACK TO 2008, MANDERZ! Annnnyway… as Mandy prepares to reboot the now-infamous YT show, she’s also busy taking on another exciting endeavor — a solo music career. The 28-year-old entertainer was a member of Kris Jenner’s girl group The Beach Girl5 a few years back, but she’s now doing the whole singing thing on her own. Mandy just released the music video for her single “Fade Away,” and it is AWESOME! It’s clear that the brunette beauty is really focused on taking her career to the next level, as she told us she’s “constantly in the studio creating music.”

“Right now I am figuring out my next single to be released, which I am excited about,” she continued. “I’m excited to share more dancing and more music with you guys!”

So many exciting things coming! Keep your eyes open for a potential Miley and Mandy Show reunion, and in the meantime check out the “Fade Away” music video below!

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