Man Arrested After Threatening Attack at Central American Ariana Grande Concert

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The terrorist attack that happened at Ariana Grande‘s Manchester concert and killed 22 innocent people changed the lives of countless humans who were both directly and indirectly involved. The 22-year-old (understandably) cancelled some shows and postponed her Dangerous Woman World Tour in the wake of the tragedy, but eventually got back on stage to pay tribute to those who were taken far too soon. Last night, the “One Last Time” singer performed a show at Parque Viva in Costa Rica that went off without a hitch — thanks to the country’s quick-thinking police force.

Walter Espinoza, Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigative Police (OIJ) director, told reporters that a 22-year-old man with the last name Caicedo López was arrested after he made a series of online threats and spoke about conducting an “attack” at the concert on the 9th. He said that the OIJ tracked the suspect’s IP address and found that the posts were coming from a cell phone in Los Colegios de Moravia.

Mr. Espinoza also touched on questions of whether or not the threats were intended to be jokes by saying, “our job is to verify whether or not there is a real threat, because this is a very sensitive situation and it could lead to a tragedy.”

Concertgoers had to go through three security checks — one by the Costa Rican police, one by private security, and one by the crooner’s own security personnel team — before they entered the venue as a result.

Remembering the nine teens and one child who died in the Manchester attack: