7 Male YouTube Stars Who Were Caught Hooking Up with a Fan

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Most Internet celebs will tell you that they wouldn’t be anywhere without their fans, and that’s 100 percent true. The way that YouTubers, Vine stars and Musers have attained any level of fame is purely due to the love and loyalty that they’ve gotten from their subscribers and followers. Meet & greet tours like MAGCON and DigiTour only work because there are millions of supporters who want nothing else but to hug the social media influencer they’ve been watching on the web for years. If online personalities DIDN’T have a ton of love for their fans, something would be seriously wrong.

Sometimes, web sensations take that ~love~ a little too far. According to a lot YouTube celebs, hooking up with subscribers is seen as pretty sleazy. While a lot of people don’t partake in this practice, quite a few continue to take girls home after their shows… just to hang out, right? Not necessarily. Check out the gallery below to see the 7 famous video guys who were were caught hooking up with a follower (though let’s be honest, there are probably a ton of others who’ve done it on the DL).