8 Insanely Hot YA Actors Who Have the Same Sexy ~Flaw~

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It seems that there’s a special set of guidelines an actor must follow before starring in a YA film. Yes, talent is obviously necessary, but so is being ridiculously attractive, having a personality that’s truly infectious and being blessed with a set of dimples that could melt even the coldest of hearts. Don’t believe us? We’ll show you proof.

Dylan O’Brien, Sam Claflin and Nicholas Hoult are just three hot YA stars who fit all the unofficial requirements of being in one of the world’s favorite books-turned-movies. As we said before, we’re still confused as heck that dimples are actually considered to be a flaw in one’s face. Like…HOW?! They’re just so darn appealing! Here are all the young-adult movie actors whose dimples make ’em even MORE attractive: