6 Male TV Actors Who Were Nervous AF Before Their Same-Sex Kissing Scenes

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Sometimes boys like kissing boys and girls like kissing girls — there’s absoutely nothing wrong or weird about that!! While society has come a long way in supporting equality for the LGBTQ+, the small screen also does its part to promote diversity. You can catch at LEAST one same-sex smooch on lots of popular TV shows, including Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Shadowhunters and more.

While fans absolutely LOVE seeing their fave queer characters finally get together on a television series, the actors who portray them sometimes aren’t as pumped…at least at first. Some straight male celebs were nervous because they never kissed a guy before, and some gay stars were equally as hesitant to smooch a member of the same sex. Read on to see which TV guys got the jitters before filming makeout scenes.