6 Male Musical.ly Stars Who Broke Free from Social Media to Release OG Music

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As most of us already know, musical.ly is basically THE app of the moment, skyrocketing some of our favorite stars to social-media fame. Despite the fact that the app is music-inspired (read: if you know the words to a song, you can basc be a Muser), you don’t necessarily have to have musical talent to make it big… but it doesn’t hurt. When YouTubers became the biggest celebrities, we saw them breaking into the entertainment industry to appear in films and make music, and when Viners made it big, they were able to do the same thing. Seeing as musical.ly has over 50 million users under the age of 21, it makes sense that we’re starting to see some of the most popular accounts gain more ~mainstream~ success.

Since the app is fairly new and most of its stars are SUPER young, most of these social media influencers are just starting off and testing the waters of the music industry. There may be only 6 male musers-turned-serious-musicians for now, but looking into our crystal ball, we predict there will be a lot more joining them before long.