11 Gorg Celebrities Fans Are DY-ING for Katherine McNamara to Date

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Katherine McNamara and Dove Cameron are best friends who are basically ob-SESSED with each other. In fact, the Disney Channel star loves the Shadowhunters actress so much that she tweeted, “Date me,” to which the latter replied, “I’m all yours, babe! I thought you’d never ask.” Now that fans think the 21-year-old is queer, they’ve jumped on this ship more than ever, encouraging the besties to take their relationship to a more romantic level.

But Dove isn’t the only celebrity fans encourage Kat to date. In fact, Shadowhunters have quite a few other relationship suggestions for the redhead, including both male AND female stars. Who do people of the Internet want KM to ride off into the sunset with? Check out the suggestions below!

1. Dove Cameron:

2. Burkely Duffield:

3. Emeraude Toubia:

4. Arden Cho:

5. Cody Christian:

6. Dom Sherwood:

7. Bradley James:

8. Jack Johnson:

9. Nash Grier:

10. Thomas Brodie-Sangster:

11. Cameron Monaghan:

Who do you ship Katherine with???

Shadowhunters is just one Freeform TV show that was inspired by a kick-butt book: