6 of Your Favorite Disney Channel Guys Who Now Have Children of Their Own

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Disney Channel has been home to some of our favorite TV shows throughout the years. Lovable teen characters from the network’s series never age in the world’s hearts and are kept alive with frequently airing reruns and, of course, GIFs on Tumblr. Sometimes it’s even easy to forget how much time has gone by since these shows were on because of how relevant they continue to be.

However recent shows like Lizzie McGuire and Jonas may seem, a lot of time has actually gone by and most of the stars are definitely all grown up. In addition to going on world tours and starring in huge blockbuster films, a lot of former DC actors and actresses have also gone on to settle down and start families.

You’re already all up to date when it comes to Disney girls who now have kids of their own, but we HAD to give you the guy-version of this list because it’s pretty unbelievable that some of our first celeb crushes are now dads.