Hotties of the Week: The Sexiest Guys in Bromances

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If you’ve seen the commercials for This Means War, starring Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, it’s clear that the two guys are besties. Although they fight over a chick (Reese Witherspoon) in the flick, we’re gonna assume that it all turns out well with them in the end (we apologize if we’re way off) because of this little bond called… a bromance. So we elected to pick the 10 hottest man duos (or trios in some cases) for this week’s edition of Hottie of the Week. Just ’cause we can. We bet you didn’t even know half of these existed!

Pauly D & Vinny
Once The Situation went psycho, that was the end of MVP, and Ronnie drops them whenever he’s on again with Sam. But Pauly & Vinny have been bros since day one at the Shore.

Celebrity Bromances


Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith
There’s nothing better than when two cuties get together and create sweet music.
And JB & JS have made THREE songs together so far!

Celebrity Bromances

Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield & Tom Sturridge
This is the sexiest trio of besties we’ve ever seen!
The fact that they’re all Brits makes it even sexier.

Celebrity Bromances

Access Hollywood

Lucas Till & Tony Oller
Clearly these two have been BFFs for a long time — even before they both got famous hot!

Chace Crawford & Ed Westwick
The two used to be roomies IRL and their characters on Gossip Girl have been swapping spit ladies for five seasons. You can’t get much closer than that.

Celebrity Bromances

Darren Criss & Joey Richter
We know the whole StarKid team’s close. But c’mon now,
they played Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Besties!

Celebrity Bromances

Tom Felton & Rupert Grint
Speaking of Harry Potter, two of its stars may’ve not gotten along so well on-screen.
However, off-screen was an entirely different story. Rupert’s shirt says it all…

Just Jared Jr.

Joe Jonas & Wilmer Valderrama
Who would’ve thought that these two would get together?
Demi Lovato wouldn’t have thought so, that’s for sure.

Justin Timberlake & Andy Samberg
They’ve had 3-ways. They’re both motherlovers. They stick their, uhh… junk in boxes (which we won’t link to). Those are the signs of true man-friendship.

Chord Overstreet & Mark Salling
The whole Glee crew is tight. We just think it’s incredibly bromantic when one gleek lets another gleek lay on his lap in between takes.

Which man-besties are the hottest?  Did you know all of them were even friends? Are there any you would like to add to the list? Vote on your favorite bromance, then leave any comments you have below!

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