6 Male Celebrities Who Have a Total Man Crush on Ryan Gosling

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If you’ve ever seen The Notebook, or literally any other Ryan Gosling movie, we’re sure you know all about that feeling when your heart starts to race at a mile a minute and the blood rapidly rushes to your cheeks. Ryan is without a doubt one of the most swoon-worthy guys in Hollywood, and he has been for over a decade. We can go ahead and chock this all up to his incredibly good looks, but it’s not only his looks that make us go completely weak at the knees over him. The truth is, Ryan plays some of the most romantic and desirable characters in his films, from Noah Calhoun in The Notebook to Sebastian in La La Land, and we’re not going to lie… it’s kind of affecting the way we think of him IRL!

Make no mistake, it’s not only the ladies that have fallen under Ryan’s spell — it’s the guys, too! In recent years, a bunch of famous male actors have come forward to admit they’re crushing Ryan as well. While some of these guys have straight up said that RyGos is a great looking dude, others seem to admire him more for his contributions to the film industry. Whatever the reason may be, we totally understand why they’re feelin’ the feelz. Can you really blame them?