Do You Like Them Shaggy? Male Celebs With Long Hair

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You guys, girls aren’t the only ones experimenting with different hairstyles… men do it too! While some guys go for subtlety and switch between gelling their hair and keeping it natural, others go all out and let their mane grow, and grow, and grow some more. Some of our fave dude celebs, many of which have made our Hotties of the Week list multiple times, have changed their style from long to short and vice versa. Which look do you like better?

Zac Efron
We are oh-so-happy this hottie has done away with his near shoulder length strands! With shorter hair we can see his beautiful eyes and face and well, everything that much better.

Joe Jonas
We will always love this Jonas Brother with his long dark hair and sultry looks, but the short hair makes him even hotter. Good choice, Joe!

Ian Somerhalder
While we love the short-haired Damon look, we prefer the shag and scruff on Mr. Somerhalder!

Jake T Austin
Jake’s longer curly locks look so darn touchable! We think we’d rather run our fingers through that than his current shorter gelled-down version.

Shia LaBeouf
The Transformers star is currently sporting scruff like it’s nobody’s business. Take our advice, Shia and cut that mop off right this second.

Tyler Blackburn
We totally miss Tyler’s shoulder-length do! Even with the haircut though, this PLL star still looks ah-mazing. Only a true hottie can pull off both looks.

Jackson Rathbone
OMG. Thank goodness Jackson chopped off that mane! He totally looked like a werewolf gone wrong with that long mess.

Chris Hemsworth
Liam’s older brother looks so much sexier with the short hair. Let’s hope he takes a razor to his long strands soon!

Logan Lerman
If Logan has made one good decision in his life, it was cutting off that messy, mullet-like mop he called hair. He’s SO much better-looking with the shorter locks.

Chad Michael Murray
Please Chad, we are begging you, cut your hair! It is way too long and greasy looking for our taste. Especially when we know how good you look with it short.

Which guys do you think look better with long hair? Do you generally prefer dudes with long hair or short? Let us know in the comments!

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