6 Male Celebrities Who Did the Same Ouch-Worthy Thing to Their Eyebrows

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While piercings were once a thing ~reserved solely for girls~, guys have recently been jumping on the body-jewelry bandwagon more and more. Colton Haynes and Mark Salling have their nipples pierced and Justin Bieber just got a nose ring, but not everyone is too keen on the thought of sticking a sharp needle through a very sensitive area of the body. So, what’s another option? Piercing an eyebrow, of course! (‘Cause that’s so much less painful…)

While you may picture eyebrow rings on only the most hardcore of rockers, it’s clear that they’re no longer just for the quintessential badass. An actor, a musician, a rapper and even a YA movie character all decided to pierce their brow, and NGL — they can all rock ’em equally as hard! Sure, this may not be the definition of #EyebrowsOnFleek, but times are changing, people!