Hotties of the Week: Hot Guys Who Play Basketball on TV

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Didya know that March Madness, aka the tournament about college basketball, is officially underway? We didn’t either since we much prefer MTV to ESPN, personally. But we figured, what better way to honor the sport of basketball than by crowning hot guys who play basketball on TV as our Hotties of the Week? So, in true Teen.com fashion, we give you 8 pics of the hottest on-screen bball players. And when you’re done, go watch the real bball players score some baskets. Or something.

Cory Monteith on Glee
During football’s off-season, Finn plays basketball at McKinley High. Total stereotypical jock? A little bit. Oh, minus the whole also-singing-in-glee-club thing.

Ryan Merriman on Home of the Giants
Before Ryan played Ian (and then, well, got killed off) on Pretty Little Liars, he played a basketball player in this movie with Emily Osment. We much prefer him in uniform here than as a creepy murder suspect in Rosewood. Just sayin.

Zac Efron in High School Musical
Ah, here he is, the epitome of on-screen bball player. Obvs we’re talking about Troy Bolton, played by Zac, in all three HSM flicks. Those Wildcats sure are sexy.

Chace Crawford on Gossip Girl
When your life is full of drama on the Upper East Side, there’s no better way to chill out than by grabbing a bball and shooting some hoops. Amirite?

Ed Westwick on Gossip Girl
Oh, and that whole shooting-hoops-for-fun thing is even better when Chuck Bass makes an appearance. True story.

James Lafferty on One Tree Hill
Basketball was like, the most defining part of Nathan’s high school career in Tree Hill. And the thing that made him so adorbs.
James Lafferty One Tree Hill Basketball

Luke Bilyk on Degrassi
Academics may not be Drew Torres’ strong suit, but when you’ve got skills on the court like Shaq and a smile so sexy it’s blinding, we’re cool with looking past that. luke-bilyk-degrassi-basketball

Lamar Odom
Oh wait, Lamar aka Khloe Kardashian‘s hubby actually plays basketball in real life. Or does he…

Which on-screen athlete is the hottest? Are you into jocks? Be sure to vote below dish in the comments!

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