12 Famous Guys Who Met Their Future GFs When They Were Illegal to Date

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If you believe that the phrase “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number” in relation to romantic relationships is a flawless motto by which you live your life, then you are likely either R&B singer Aaliyah circa the 1990s, someone who has or will one day see the inside of a prison cell, or… a celebrity guy? Wait, wait, just hear us out for a second. We’re not saying that there are a whole bunch of celebrity guys out there who should have gone to prison for their dating tendencies. What we’re saying is that they ALMOST did, because they met the women who they went on to date while they were still super young. Like Pre-Teen-to-Teenager young.

It’s a good thing that these 12 famous guys waited until their lady became a lady before revealing their relationships, or otherwise skirted around the laws that are in place to prevent them from having the exact kinds of relationships that they had. Otherwise, we can’t say that their fates wouldn’t have been bleaker and/or more full of metal bars.