8 of Your Favorite Male Celebrities Who Think Fanfiction is Weird AF

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Die-hard fans are willing to do a LOT of things for the love of their idols, and for the most part, those gestures are welcomed with open arms and appreciated accordingly. Writing fanfiction, especially slash fiction, however, is not usually one of the more appreciated gestures by celebrities. Sure, there are some stars who keep quiet about how freaked out they are by these fan-made love stories involving themselves, and others genuinely enjoy the medium. But there are also lots of stars who think it’s completely weird and kind of wish it would go away.

People have been arguing the merits (and lack thereof) of fanfiction, more literarily known simply as parody, since the dawn of literature. It’s definitely artistic and takes a certain degree of talent to pull off properly. But something tells us that these eight male celebrities who’ve admitted that they think it’s weird AF would be really difficult to convince of that: