11 Rumored Gay Stars Who Flat Out Denied Being Homosexual

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When you become rich and famous, it’s almost certain that people are going to start rumors about you. It seems inevitable that everyone wants to know every aspect of your life and, when they don’t have the facts, they make things up. Maybe they will be about how you’re a diva. Or that you have some huge drug problem. Then there are the gay rumors…

There’s a lot of progress being made when it comes to LGBT rights, including marriage equality and lessening the stigma of being homosexual. Their visibility in the media has improved since there are many awesome gay couples on teen TV shows, and a lot of talented stars publicly coming out. But we still have people making assumptions about other people’s sexuality. Many celebrities have been rumored to be gay simply because they have close friendships with someone of the same sex. Or they aren’t into things or act a way that fits the stereotype of a straight person. Or because they just happened to not be married by a certain age. Then there are the people who begin questioning an actor’s sexuality simply because they took on a gay role.

Does someone’s sexuality actually define who they are? Whether they’re a good or bad person? The answer is no, but stars are still slapped with the rumors anyway. Some just decided to ignore them, but many decided to face them head on instead of being identified the wrong way. Here are 12 who completely squashed the rumors: