8 Male Celebrities Who Proposed to His Lady Love on His Own Birthday

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If we’re being perfectly honest, we’re not exactly sure how we feel about people being proposed to on holidays (ex. Valentine’s Day) or on their birthdays. There’s something kind of selfish about it, you know? Like… holidays belong to everyone; not just you; birthdays belong to that one person, but you’re making it about you. Maybe that’s just us? It’s not like we’ve ever been proposed to on those specific occasions, so… perhaps the people who are on the receiving end of those kinds of proposals are perfectly fine with it.

What we’re totally okay with, though, is people proposing on their own birthdays. ’cause if it makes the birthday boy (or girl) happy to share their day with the one they love, then who are we to say no? So, in honor of those people who were perfectly unselfish and decided to split the date of their birth with their special someone, we’re calling out eight male celebrities who popped the question on the day (or weekend) they turned another year older: