Hotties of the Week: Hot Young Guys in Old-Time Movies

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What would you do without Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and um, Teen.com? Yeah, we don’t want to think about it either. But somehow we think that if we lived in the pre-technology days with hot guys like Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling, we’d be ok without our iPhones. Because when these guys starred in old-time movies — we’re talking flicks that took place from like, the 17th century up until 1987 — they looked dayum good. And so, in honor of RPattz’s Bel Ami hitting theaters this weekend, we bring you our Hotties of The Week — old-school edition.

We know we’re not the only ones who think these guys look even hotter in a loincloth…

Zac Efron in Me and Orson Welles
Unfortch Zac didn’t get to show off that six-pack of his in this flick, but we were totally cool with him playing the smart and sophisticated 1930’s playwright instead. His hair is just so perfectly coiffed it’s unreal.

Robert Pattinson in Bel Ami
Did Edward Cullen live in the late 1800s? We can’t remember. But in Bel Ami, Rob’s character George is alive and well in the late 19th century and he looks dayun fine in that three-piece suit.

Daniel Radcliffe in Woman in Black
Like Rob above, DanRad rocks the, like, seven-piece suit in this flick set during Victorian England. The movie’s scary as all hell, but hey, at least there was hottie Dan to distract us.

Logan Lerman in The Three Musketeers
Ok, so the long hair isn’t exactly our fave look on the Logster. But the flowy, open white shirt and sword are hot with a capital “H.”

Ryan Reynolds in Adventureland
Does this flick that took place in 1987 count as old-school? Debateable, considering Ryan’s character wore jeans and tees rather than leather capri pants a la 1900. But truth, he’d look good in whatever.

Tristan Wilds in Red Tails
How good slash cool does any guy in the world ever look in army fatigue? Tristan, who played a WWII solider in this movie, totally proves it.

Chris Hemsworth in Snow White & The Huntsman
Even though Chris broke the news to us that he won’t be shirtless in SWATH (wah!), there’s still plenty of hotness to feast our eyes on. Seriously now, how freakin’ badass is that leather armour!?

Ryan Gosling in The Notebook
Ryan, uh, we mean Noah, looked smokin’ as a young lad in 1920-something and even hotter as the scruffy dude in 1940-something.We could just be attracted to him for the fact that he BUILT A FREAKIN’ HOUSE, but not important.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia
If we told you we liked this movie, we’d be lying. But if we told you we only watched it to check out Jakey wearing next to nothing for 2.5 hours? We’d be perverted, fine, but at least we’re telling the truth.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic
Come on, how classic is this one? Somehow Leo managed to make sinking on a ship in 1912 look sexy. We totally would’ve slept in one of those cramped bunkers at the bottom of the ship with him. Just sayin’.

So, which hot guy in an old-school flick is the hottest? Which era would you totally wanna live in? Make sure to tell us in the comments and vote for your fave hottie below!

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