10 of Your Favorite Male Stars Who Posed Butt-Naked for Magazines

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At this point, there’s nothing surprising about seeing female celebrities strip down for giant audiences. Whether they’re filming a sex scene or a shooting a NSFW music video, a lot of beauties are used to baring it all in front of a crowd. (Even when doing so is kind of hypocritical and controversial. (Hi, Demi Lovato.)

That being said, it’s way more newsworthy when the celebrities showing off their nether-regions are of the male population. We’re pretty much immune to seeing the female body (we’ve seen naked Miley Cyrus, naked Rihanna, naked Kendall Jenner…), but there’s something weirdly scandalous about guys who get nekkid. (We know, the double standard is at an all-time high.) And when they do, you know, we definitely don’t complain. Check out the gallery to see 10 male stars who dropped their pants, and then some, on camera: