6 Celebrities Who Got Another Woman Pregnant Before Getting Back with Ex

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Louis Tomlinson is far from the guy you thought he was when he was first introduced to the world via The X Factor. Like, when One Direction was first formed in 2010, did you think that, by 2017, the eldest of the group would be caught doing drugs, the father of a child AND arrested?! All of it still blows our minds.

Of all those events, we’d say we’re most shocked that he got a girl pregnant. It’s not like he cheated (like these celebrities did) when he impregnated his baby mama, but he’s little Louis Tomlinson from 1D, the boy band that crooned about the ~little things~ that ~make you beautiful~, you know?

Because of Louis, Liam Payne‘s own baby announcement wasn’t as big of a deal. It would, however, be nuts if Liam also went back to his ex — perhaps Sophia Smith, or even Danielle Peazer — after the birth of his child… ’cause that’s what Louis did, along with all these guys. Here are six celebrities who got another woman pregnant, then returned to their ex-bae: