10 Male Celebs Who Denied Having A NSFW Picture on the Internet

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The ‘send nudes’ meme takes on an entirely new meaning when someone’s nudes actually get leaked. Having your nudes leak is probably one of the worst things to ever happen, especially if you sent them to someone you trusted. Although it is definitely an embarrassing moment for us normal non-Hollywood folks, we can’t imagine how awful it is to have your naked pictures leak as a celebrity.

There have been SO MANY leaked nudes over the past few years. We’ve seen dozens of our fave celebs, including A-list YouTubers, own up to the pics and we still think about how Troye Sivan probably had one of the best reactions. While taking naked photos shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, people should be able use their bodies in whatever way they feel comfortable, many celebrities have used their platform to speak out against the obvious lack of privacy. Even celebrities who haven’t been involved in NSFW-snapshot scandals have chimed in saying that stealing anyone’s private photos is a terrible act.

Another common trend with nude-photo hacks is that celebrities are being falsely attached to naked photos. When the most widespread nude-picture leak in history happened back in 2014, not every picture was of who everyone thought it was. This led to tons of celebrities becoming victims of fake nude leaks and being forced to deny that these pictures were even theirs!

While those female celebs were forced to deny that they were part of the horrific leak, there have been a bunch of MALE celebs who have also fallen victim to nudes leaking. Who could forget when almost every member of Teen Wolf had their nudes leak earlier this year?

While some celebrities embrace the moment and move on, others have denied that it was them in the photo at all! Most of these celebs really weren’t in the NSFW photo, but there are a few that we’re still not too convinced about…